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Your inspection will be thorough and comprehensive.  It includes but is not limited to the following:
  •   Structural integrity
  •   Roof 
  •   Plumbing systems including catchments
  •   Electrical systems
  •   Attic ventilation 
  •   Crawl space condition and ventilation
  •   Potential safety concerns
  •   Maintenance issues, present and future
  •   Property drainage
  •   Cooling systems, if applicable
  •   Heating, if applicable
Better Home Inspections @ a Better Price
Jake will gladly be your guide during the inspection and will take his time to answer any questions you have.  Not able to attend the inspection?  No problem.  You will receive a narrated report filled with digital photos the next morning in your email box.  Feel free to contact Jake with any questions you have regarding your inspection any time.  Our home office is open all hours every day.